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Panavise Engineering Design function of Dash Mount style mounts is purely a logic based process. There are hundreds of different vehicles to design mounts for. While each vehicle normally allows for multiple locations, PanaVise strives to optimize the design location. Each design takes into account multi design parameters:


  • Phone accessibility
  • Ergonomic flow to all dash controls and knobs
  • Minimal air vent obstruction
  • Safe deployment of passenger side air bag
  • Easy access and no interference with gear shift, emergency brake and/or 4
        wheel drive shift levers
  • Accommodates all Portable Phone holders
  • Ease of installation
  • Metal Thickness 16 Gauge Steel (for most designs)
  • Some Mounts In Heavier 14 and 13 Gauge Steel
  • Dimples and Ridges As Required For Extra Strength
  • Powder Urethane Coated, color is Carbide Black

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