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When we first started providing solutions their was a minimal supply of hardware available mainly ClamShell and Swivel or Flex Pedestals.

Since then the industry has grown progressively towards the custom vehicle bracket. With introduction of more hi-end vehicles people were a little more concerned about drilling holes into their console's and dashboards.

Skye TechnologyEventually manufacturers started looking at corporations and their fleet's of vehicles and started providing the no-holes installations brackets for vehicles. This meant of course that the professional installer was needed to remove parts of the dashboard to install the mounting bracket and put back together the dashboard to its original state.

Over the next 15 years or so the industry grew to provide Skye Technologies the ability to supply over 4000 different variations of installation brackets.

Still in the coming years their was an increasing clientele that wanted to install more than one communications devices in their vehicles. The advent of the portable fax made the development of the full Laptop and 2-way Radio in-vehicle stations ie; what you see in Police, Fire and Service vehicles around town more prevalent.

These days with introduction of PDA (BlackBerry/TREO), IPODs, GPS, Monitors and other peripherals a whole new industry has spawned out of these new products the Self Install product from Brodit ( Pro-Clip ) and the Product Specific Holders. No-longer are their universal dash mounts and holders that some time work and sometime they don't. Pro-Clip provides a variation of locations in some vehicles ie. right of the radio mount, center of the dash and left of the driver mounted brackets.

Overall coming up to 2006 our 16th year we see a the industry come full circle back to In-Car Cellular Phones, Sirius,XM Radio, GPS and Hands free kits becoming more of a safety issue. In business we have seen the industry change to where more and more different applications are being placed in vehicles and in a variety of different locations. To-date we are able to supply on demand approximately 4000 different mounting solutions from, vehicle specific holders and brackets as well as Dual Band Antennas, Signal Amplifiers and our newest product the Antenna Coupler Kit for PDA's and Cellular Phones with no antenna connection.


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